Board & Training


All boarding agreements customized to individual horses and owners needs.


All stalls cleaned at least once a day.

We feed top quality hay and grain 2-3 times a day, depending on horses need and agreements with boarder.

Fresh water provided several times a day.

Horses turned out daily. Proper boots and leg wrapping upon request.

10 acre facility with lots of pasture for turn out.

Three riding arenas, always somewhere to ride!

Minimum stall size 12’x12’. Larger stalls also available. Also paddock board available upon request.

Specialize in high maintenance horses such as stall rest and medical lay-ups.

Multiple boarding packages available which may include training for everything from light duty trail horses to highly competitive English and western competition horses.

Please call today to discuss which options will fit all your equestrian needs.

horse boarding

saddled horse